Name:Siti Nor Madeha@ Madeha@Made@Mai@Hot Mama (perasan nak mati??..tak jugak)...

Sister~ five (the oldest ma!)

brother/s ~three

Shoe size ~5-6

Height ~164

What are you wearing right now?~ long-sleeve t-shirt,cardigan and pants

Where do you live?~ Cardiff (at the moment) till 2011...

Favorite Number ~ 7

Favorite Drinks~ fresh oren kot!

Favorite Months~ july la

Favorite Breakfast~mmmhhhh....scramble eggs and chili sauce!

***********Have You Ever***********
Been on a plane~yepp

Been in a hot tub~yepp

Swam in the ocean~ yepp

Fallen asleep in school~ nope! can ask my classmate la.

Broken someone’s heart~ ader kot!!!!

Fell off your chair~ yepp...masa exam kat skolah agama...kelakar glerrr...

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ~ yeppp (masa bercinta indah semua)

Saved e-mails~ always

***********What is************

Your room like ~ a paradise (huhuhu)....bedroom ma!

Whats right beside u ~ nothingness!!!!!

What is the last thing you ate ~ my kiddo yogurt!

—————-Ever Had—————
Chicken pox ~ nope

Sore throat~ lately, always la...weather kot!!!

Stitches~ yeppp..during delivery!!!..sakitnya masih terasa...

Broken nose ~ so far, nope!

——-Do You——–
Believe in love at first sight ~yepp...it works only with my husband kay!!!

Like picnics ~ yepp, enjoy it!

Who was the last person you danced with?~my hubby of course!!

Who last made you smile?~ my kiddo...

Who did you last yell at?~ my kiddo coz they were so naughty...

———-Final Questions————-
What are you listening to right now?~ Teletubbies song!

What did you do today?~ cooking,washing and tidying...my routine!!!

Hate someone in your family?~nope and will not!!!

Good singer?~maybe kot (perasan nak mati ma!!!)

Diamond or pearl?~ both boleh tak??...pearl kot!

Are you the Eldest?~ yeppp

Indoor or outdoors?~ both ways can...

——————Today did you——–
1. Talk to someone you like?~ yeppp...

malas nak tag orang....sape rajin, boleh lah yerk...